Gtalk channel dial string

Let’s say I just want to make gtalk calls (and not receive them). Does anybody know if it is somehow possible to dial a gtalk channel directly (without referencing the dialer peer in jabber.conf and gtalk.conf)? e.g.


instead of


This doesn’t seem to work right out of the box. Is there any trick that I can get this to work? Since jabber.conf and gtalk.conf are not covered by realtime asterisk yet, it’s really useful to be able to make calls this way.

No trick that I’m aware of, sorry. One of the other troubles, of course, is that the gtalk and jabber information isn’t reloaded on an Asterisk reload, it requires a full restart.


exactly and that, too, adds to the problem :smile:

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, we didn’t manage to get to that prior to the 1.8 release - we were aware of it but ran short of time. It’s an inconvenience, for sure

Best of luck.