Groupping SIP channels


I have two SPA3102 devices connecting my two analog GSM adapters to asterisk.

In the dialplan i can make use of the GSM lines with referencing them as SIP/gsm1 and SIP/gsm2. How can I handle them as a group? I want to use them as outgoing lines if someone calls a cell number, but i can only specify one at a time, so the 2nd outgoing gsm gets a busy signal obviously.

Is there a way to group them together? (Like with mISDN i used mISDN/g:isdnlines/${EXTEN})


Can you do this…

exten => _9.,s,NoOp(making an outgoing call)
exten => _9.,n,Dial(SIP/gsm1/${EXTEN:1})
exten => _9.,n,Dial(SIP/gsm2/${EXTEN:1})
exten => _9.,n,Congestion

If the first one is not available to send the call to, it falls to the second gsm.

Out of curiosity, what GSM adapter are you using?

Thanks for the tip.

I’m using Nokia Premicell adapters via SPA3102 devices.