Group Mailbox Set to Alert All Phones in Group of Voicemail

Hey everyone,
Here is what i have, I have 3 ring groups. I have inbound phone numbers associated to each group. I have mailboxes setup for these groups, under different ext’s. The call flow works correctly as so dose voicemail. But, What i am looking to do is, when a voicemail is left in the group mailbox, I would like all the phones in that group to be alerted that there is a voicemail pending. None of the phones have there own mailbox. Given that this is more of a home setup, its more practical that way.
So to sum it up, I would like to know how to make a mailbox display on more than one phone that there is a voicemail waiting.

add mailbox=

to the sip.conf entries for the relevent phones.


Cool Thanks!
That did the trick!

  • Jason