Grandstream GXW4108

I am completely new to Asterisk & need help.

I have some networking & linux background but no phone background.

I have Asterisk installed & running on Cent OS 5.3, I also have the Asterisk GUI 2.0 running.

I would prefer to configure things from the gui, but using config files is fine too.

I need to know what to do to send/recieve calls on a Grandstream GXW4108 by setting up FXO ports on it as SIP accounts.

I have a trunk set up for it & it says status “REQUEST” on the GUI. When I run a sip show peers command, it shows up under the list an an Online Unmonitored sip account.

Can anyone explain to me what Unmonitored v. Monitored mean & what “REQUEST”, pertaining to the sip trunk, means in the GUI.

Or if you could explain how you would set one of these up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.