GotoIfTime problem

The Asterisk book at this website:
says: “Monday through Friday would be expressed as mon-fri. Tuesday and Thursday would be expressed as tue,thu.”

But, when i do ‘tue,thu’ (without quotes) as days_of_week, the response of Asterisk is:

2006-09-25 09:07:10 WARNING[26833]: pbx.c:3964 get_dow: Invalid day ‘tue,thu’, assuming none

Is that a problem in Asterisk

why not post the actual line you’re using ??

This is the record in the Realtime database.

context edwin
exten _X.
priority 1
app GotoIfTime
appdata 09:00-11:00|tue,thu||?uitgaand|1|1

I want to forward the call to ‘uitgaand,1,1’ on Tuesday and Thursday at 09:00-11:00 uur.

context uitgaand
exten 1
priority 1
app Dial
appdata IAX2/bechtoldsheim2barton/${DNID}

When i do 09:00-11:00|tue-thu||?uitgaand|1|1, the call is handled as expected, but with wed (thats not the intention).

I wonder if at some point the system is treating the ‘th’ in ‘thu’ as a separate character from ‘t’, and therefore treats ‘thu’ as a two-character combination ‘!u’ (where ! is ‘th’), and therefore not valid. It sounds like it is using ‘wed’ as a default since it follows ‘tue’?

I’m not sure where this leads as in a practical resolution sense, but perhaps since you are using realtime there is a role for MySQL collation settings?

can’t use commas, have to separate those two days onto two lines, like so:

appdata 09:00-11:00|tue||?uitgaand|1|1
appdata 09:00-11:00|thu||?uitgaand|1|1

you can only have individual entries or ranges of entries in the GotoIfTime app…