Got SIP response 482 "Looping Request"

Hi all,

After I got strange error, I realised what is happening but I can not solve the problem, so I need help. I configured sip trunk, extensions, and inbound routes which I connected with extensions. I have an IVR an when incoming call comes it goes to the IVR and then you dial some number and you are forwarded to corresponding extension. After that the error comes up "Got SIP response 482 “Looping Request (e.g. no next hop in Route or R-URI: P-CSCF FRA)”. This is because PBX first send invite to extension and after that another invite again back to the trunk. This invite to trunk makes problem.Trunk after few invites recgonize loop and send back 482 response. Why is PBX sending call again to trunk ? Where is the problem?

Thank you

There is no way anyone is going to be able to analyse this without the SIP traces.

Also, this is in the wrong forum. Requests for support should be in Support forums.


Solved with sendrpid=no option in trunk configuration.

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