Google Calendar integration with Asterisk

Hi ,

I am using Asterisk 14.5.0 and referring “Asterisk_The Definitive Guide.pdf” to configure a calendar into my topology.

I am referring to section “Calling meeting participants and placing them into a conference” of “Asterisk_The Definitive Guide.pdf” .

This section explains only Dialplan configuration and doesn’t provide configurations for sip.conf/meetme.conf/ .

I am using google calendar and was able to fetch the event details from the calendar and able to initiate audio call to all participants from Asterisk. But, after call initiation asterisk is crashing there is no audio. I need help regarding below points,

  1. Need to synchronize google calendar with Asterisk.
  2. On event I need to make video call to participants of the meeting

Currently, I am using meetme , but I need to use ConfBridge
Can somebody help me with the configuration required to achieve this on Asterisk

What is the symptom that makes you think Asterisk has crashed, and why is that not the subject of this thread.

I wouldn’t expect any details of sip.conf in an article about adding people to conferences, and I wouldn’t really expect much about the conference configuration. The former is part of the general configuration of Asterisk, and the latter more about your local policies.