Good grief I am lost

:unamused: I am completely new to Linux and Asterisk.

This is what I have done so far:
downloaded 1.2.6 to a Fedora 5 box.
Unzipped it.
ran make
ran make install
typed asterisk -vvvc

Now what? I tried getting to the web interface but no luck. Just a timeout. The webserver is checked off as being installed.

Any idea on where to go from here? Does anyone have the link to the latest install docs for Asterisk?

Asterisk doesn’t have a web interface. It’s a softswitch. If you’re looking for Asterisk solution with integrated web interface you can take a look at Asterisk@Home.


I would concur. If you really are that new to both, go with AAH.

complete turnkey asterisk solution with webinterface go to … cts_id/170

it is a complete distro, comes with comprehensive webinterface but has a small price unfortunately.

if you want something thats free then asterisk @ home is probably the best bet.

Yeah, go with A@H. Download from here:

Then go read a bunch at Nerd Vittles and set everything up. Link:

You can really get the basics up and running in an hour or so. Read through as much of NV as you can and come back here with questions. We’re glad to help! :smile: