Ghost calls

I been running my asterisk server for a few months, however there are times when we receive incoming calls from the PSTN with no one on the otherside.

There are also times where extensions will ring with no person being on the other side.

I do not have any cron jobs running.

I tested the incoming PSTN lines numerous times from an outside lines and in every case of testing the call was successful with 2 way audio.

Anyone has any ideas on what would be the possible problem of these GHOST calls

My phone rings every day with the same 0800 number. When i pick up there is no one on the line.
I also occasional get an international number which only rings once.

Do you receive caller-id for these calls?
Do you have a dodgy wake-up script installed?

I have no scripts installed and I do not have caller id on the line

For this Gohst call did you check caller id if that caller id is same as ur PSTn number or that 08000 NUMBER RESPECTIVELY.
you need to clock that call at the beginning of dail plan in this way

[incoming -context];; in extension.conf
exten => xxxxxxxx/00914351,1,Congestion
exten => xxxxxxxx,1,Answer

where xxxxxxxxx is any coming number to ur pbx. but if caller id is same as ur PSTn number that is 00914351 then its block at this 1st line which avoid Gohsot calls which attacck due to FXo card call disconnection probelm.
above is the simple way to block such Gohst calls

another guy who suffre from 0800 number plz place that number instaed of that 0066… number


I have fixed the problem by doing the following;

  1. Added fax detection to hangup faxes to our voice line.
  2. Increased the RING_DEBOUNCE from 128 to 500
  3. POLARITY_DEBOUNCE 64 from 64 256; if you are using polarity reversal