Ghost calls

I have 2 ZAP Channels set up via a Rhino 4FXO card on my Trixbox 2.2 install. About every 30 mins I get a 8 sec call to the ext configured in the inbound route for zap channel 1. If I pick up the phone I get a dialing tone. If I leave it it stops ringing. If the phone is disconected, a dial tone voicemail is left. If I connect an ordinary phone to the analogue line, it does not get these phantom calls.
Any ideas anyone ?

Hi, Don’t have the answer but we have the same problem
TDM800P but it is random. The phone rings no one is there and you here dialtone

I have noticed the call never has any caller ID, I would like to know if any others have the same problem.

I did three things;

  1. Added fax detection to hangup faxes to our voice line.
  2. Increased the RING_DEBOUNCE from 128 to 500
  3. POLARITY_DEBOUNCE 64 from 64 256

I have now tried changing the RING_DEBOUNCE and POLARITY_DEBOUNCE but my problem remains I’m afraid.
Thanks for the post.

Have you tried in logger.conf to set the debug on the console or messages;

I helped me see what was going on;

;which every you like.
console => notice,warning,error,debug
messages => notice,warning,error,debug