Getting Started with VOIP - What do I need / Need to do?

Hi all,
I would imagine that this kind of post from a newbi has already been posted else where but I cant seem to find the answers for what Im looking for.

To make a long story short Im in need of a better telephone solution for my household. Right now I have one regular BT line with broadband coming in and a skype phone as an additional line.

Due to the number of people in the house I always find that I cant seem to get to a telephone when I need one and was thinking a VOIP solution would be just the job.

I was looking to create a VOIP network that would allow every member of the house to have their own seperate telephone line and number as well as a seperate phone number for my home office and another for my fax.
Presently the bedrooms are wired with RJ-45 sockets so I was looking at something like:

Am i going about the right way for this kind of project?
Idealy I would like to have my own managed VOIP system but how do I go about setting such a system up to allow telephone calls in from the outside world with all the features like caller ID or voicemail?

Any help on this would be appericiated.
Thanks Mathew.

A reply to the above question would be useful for at least two guys…


With some basic asterisk knowledge this is not hard to accomplish at all. I would stay away from the Grandstream phones as I have had trouble with them in the past. Any basic Linksys phone should work fine for you, for instance the SPA-942 ( … hid=778416) since you get to have two sip lines which can help if you want to have more than “one line” at each telephone (e.g. main home line and then a personal line).

As your long as your ITSP offers Caller ID you should be good to go. I would use asterisk for VM since you can have it email you an attachment of the messages that you receive. Also your phone will light up when you have a message.

If you need UK lines PM me. I can set you up.

If it’s in your budget, we find that Polycom phones are the most reliable. You may also want to consider a hosted VoIP solution. With a hosted solution all you would need to implement are the phones instead of the phones and the IP PBX. You may have fewer IP features if you went hosted instead of with an asterisk solution but it would require less time and less know how.

Let me add two words here. Fist about the Grandstaream phones and ATAs, I am using them and they are just perfect. And I am sure they will be perfect for a residential use, I mean if you do not need something complicated, then just a phone then you can get those Grandstream IP phones BT200 ( If you successfully configure your Asteresk then you can by DIDs from any DID numbers provider, assign those DIDs to the extensions, create route to your provider, and that’s it.

Have a look at the asterisk users and biz list. I would stay far away from Grandstream. There is nothing grand about them.