Getting PHPAGI up and running

Hello here,
Please I’m actually an asterisk beginner, I don’t know how to start using PHPAGI, I have my asterisk server hosted virtually(asterisknow in Virtual box). Please can someone help.

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Thank you @johnkiniston for your reply

Please what I don’t understand is how to put the AGI program in the /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin directory . please can you help me with the procedure? I’m running a windows system and my asterisk is virtualised

That’s a Linux/Unix question, not an Asterisk one.

I intend creating and AGI app to control calls from asterisk to Landlines, How is this a linux question? my asterisk is virtualised.

Is a Linux question because your lack of basic Linux commands to create a file inside a directory.

SSH to your server, use your preferred text editor and save your script in the AGI directory.

There is something I’m getting very wrong! I’m using windows operating system and I installed virtual box to host my asterisk server, when you say I should use ‘text editor’ to save my AGI script, are you talking of gedit and nano or what? Please I need your help

You can use whatever protocol or service you have configured to connect to your linux box FTP/SFTP/RSYNC/CIFS/NFS/AFS, etc.

Just place the files in the agi-bin path and Asterisk can call them.

Thank you , I will try that right away

If you create or edit your AGI script on Windows, make sure you save/copy it to your Linux host with the correct line endings (CR/LF vs LF) or you will experience the joys of all sorts of weird problems. Also, ownership and permissions have to be correct.

The ‘better’ approach is to do everything on the Linux ‘box.’

The ‘best’ approach would be to ‘bite the bullet’ and run Linux everywhere :slight_smile: