Get Number Callers Waiting In Queue - QUEUE_WAITING_COUNT always return 0

Hello, I’m using Asterisk 16. I need to get information of how many callers waiting in the queue. I tried using functions QUEUE_WAITING_COUNT(queuename) but always return 0 as below but actually there was 1 callers waiting in the queue :

– Executing [3003@kota_dsi_queue:11] NoOp(“SIP/4004-0000004f”, “Continue To Queue”) in new stack
– Executing [3003@kota_dsi_queue:13] NoOp(“SIP/4004-0000004f”, “QUEUEWAITINGCOUNT is 0”) in new stack

in Dialplan I add the below code :

same => n,NoOp(QUEUEWAITINGCOUNT is ${QUEUE_WAITING_COUNT(kota_dsi_queue)})

Please help me, I really appreciated if you can guide me the correct way to solved this issue.

Thanks and regards,

How do you know somebody is waiting in the queue?

The dialplan function QUEUE_WAITING_COUNT() is intended to give information on how many callers are in the queue currently. But apparently this seems to not work as intended for @tahirahmad, however it seems to work fine for me on Asterisk 18.

I too had this issue on Asterisk 16 Build where queue was not functioning I had to reinstall Asterisk again to get it to work properly make sure to uninstall all of the modules before doing a reinstall.

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