Generate 2 calls to one destination?


I need to generate 2 calls to an external destination over a SIP trunk, play a message on one trunk while recording on the other. Both channels would need to be hungup at the same time. I am currently using .call files and transfering them to the /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/ folder in order to generate calls. I have a description of the way i am trying it at the moment below. What i am wondering is am i going about this the right way(would originate be better) and would anyone have a sugestion on how to end the calls at the same time?

Many Thanks for any help.

A simple explination of the way i have it currently is this:

Context: play Extension: 100 Priority: 1

play context

[play] exten => 100,1,Answer exten => 100,2,Wait(1) exten => 100,3,Dial(SIP/......) exten => 100,4,Playback(soundfile)

Context: record Extension: 101 Priority: 1

record context

[record] exten => 100,1,Answer exten => 100,2,Wait(1) exten => 100,3,Monitor(wav,myfilename) exten => 100,4,Dial(SIP/......)

Internally, call files and originate are very similar.

If you want to near synchronously clear two calls, I think you will have to use AGI calling AMI.

This feels like one of those cases where knowing the underlying requirement is likely to produce a better solution.

Hi David,

Thanks for the reply. I actually need to dial out to a remote conference play audio down one trunk while listening on others. I need to record what is heard on the listening trunk so i could listen to what was heard in the event of quality issues.