Limit channels from/to remote location


We have an asterisk box at our main location, with many remote locations, connected via a VPN network. On each VPN link, we have a 128k 1:1 PVC (seperate virtual link dedicated for voice).
We use SIP/alaw, so we can only use 2 concurrent channels on each remote location.

I was playing around with groups to limit this, but then I have to validate every call in every location to see if they use the link, and then put them in the appropriate group, and check the nr. of channels before proceding with dial command.

Any of you have encountered a similar situation ? Is there a beter way (more easy to administer etc.) to do this ?

by the way: what would be the symptoms when having more channels than bandwith allows ?

Thanx in advantage,


To limit it incoming use call limits in the sip.conf.

TBH 128K will only give you one call not 2

and if you try 2 tou will get jitter dropped packets etc.


thanx, can you give me an example of sip.conf, becouse I don’t think it will solve my problem.

phones on the remote location can call eachother without using bandwith on the link…

Maybe I should use G729 ??




for call limit check out … g+sip.conf and look for call-limit and as for intersite traffic you can use GSM