Gateways using G.168 Echo cancellation reviews

Hi! Have you ever used a FXO gateway using G.168 echo cancellation?
Using device with G.168 echo cancellation do you still listening echo in calls based on your experiences?

As far as I can tell, G.168 is not an echo cancellation algorithm, but a set of minimum performance requirements for echo cancellers.

This article is the one I found clearest about the status of the reccommendation as being a set of tests, not an algorithm: … rticle.pdf

I was wondering if devices as fxo gateways that use G.168 recommendations…
This devices still having echo or not?

The devices would not use G.168 recommendations. Their manufacturers may have used them when testing the devices. However some compliant devices may be very good and some may barely pass.

It is quite possible that some echo cancellers that exceed the G.168 requirements have never actually been certified against them, or that some very good ones are non-compliant in some minor way.

Note that Digium offers a software only G.168 compliant echo canceller, that is free for users of at least some of their cards that will not support a firmware one, and can be purchased for users of other hardware. … ncellation