G729 Problem

I am using a Calling Card application with one provider, however, the provider accepts only G729, now If I force the G729 the application gives me back these errors

Unable to find a codec translation path from g729 to gsm


it would help to be a little more specific as to where you are getting that message. However, it’s probably related to Asterisk needing to transcode form g729 which it can’t without a paid license. It can pass thru but as soon as it has to do anything, for example access voicemail or play a recoded sound that is in gsm format (if you don’t have native g729) you will get this type of error.


You need to find codec_g729a.so
Then put it in
restart asterisk and …
purchase necessary licenses from Digium

I find it supprising that and itsp “only” supports g729! It maybe that thats the only compressed codec they support.

As to G729 on * , You will need to purchase the licences from digium who will send you a key to unlock them. Be careful and get more licences than you need as depending on callflow a call can use more than one licence to start with!!

here are the details of appling the licence

[code]To register the codec:

  1. Download the register binary for your glibc version.
    (Once you purchase a license you will be assigned one or more license keys. You can download the G.729 codec and registration binary from ftp://ftp.digium.com/pub/telephony/asterisk/g729/ )
  2. Make the register binary executable. (chmod a+x register)
  3. Place the codec_g729a.so in /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/
  4. Run the register binary passing your key as an argument. (./register G729-…)

wget ftp://ftp.digium.com/pub/telephony/asterisk/g729/glibc_2_3/register
wget ftp://ftp.digium.com/pub/telephony/asterisk/g729/glibc_2_3/athlon/codec_g729a.so

chmod a+x register
mv codec_g729a.so /usr/lib/asterisk/modules

./register G729-YOURKEY