g729 codec license with sip proxy


I have a problem regarding our g729 codec licenses.

We have a sip proxy (openser) and per call it will give 2 g729 licenses on decoder. (0 encoder / 2 decoder)

If I’m connecting directly to the asterisk server, the 2 g729 licenses will have 1 on encoder and 1 on decoder (1 encoder / 1 decoder).

Does anyone having the same issues?


will need to see some CLI output as well as a SIP trace to even begin.

OOpps, sorry sip proxy was not the issue. It was the g729 licenses itself.

When I’m using g711-ulaw on my softphone, per call i can get 1encoder/1decoder.

BUT when I’m using g729 on my softphone (bria), per call i can get 0encoder/2decoder.