g723 codec support


I am using Asterisk 1.4.21 on powerpc platform.
Its not supporting G723 codec.
How do i port G723 codec to my existing asterisk.

Deepak BK

I assume you mean G.723.1.

Asterisk cannot transcode that codec because it would requires the purchase of a patent licence, which is something that is not compatible with the use of the GPL for software intended for the US market.

Asterisk should be able to pass through G.723.1, if you include the g723 format module when you run menuconfig.

The patents run out in 2014, so if you come back in a couple of years, you may find that someone has provided support.


If you find code to implement them, and you are not in the USA, you should consult an intellectual property lawyer, to find out their status in your country. It will not be legal in the USA.

I’ve run a TC400 on a PowerPC platform. Might work for you if you have an available PCI or PCIe slot. The TC400 supports G.723.1.