FXO/FXS Analog cards

I am trying to setup an Asterisk system for home. I only need one FXO and one FXS port and rest are going to be softphone or SIP phones. I also want to connect my fax machine so I can send and receive faxes. The fax machine will share the FXS port with analog phones in the house since they are all on the same circuit.

Any recommendation for which FXO/FXS Analog card I should get?

  1. Digium TDM11B with (1) FXO Port and (1) FXS Port - $220.00
  2. Rhino R8FXX-EC-11 with (1) Dual FXO Module and (1) dual FXS Module and Built-In Echo Cancellation - $480.00
  3. Sangoma Remora A20101D with (2) FXO Ports and (2) FXS Ports and Echo Cancellation - $650.00

Is one better than the others? Would echo cancellation help for phones or would it be a problem with the fax machine? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.