Function cannot be read


I’m having a problem trying to use a function that I did on func_odbc…

For some reason, I get this error:

[2015-10-07 09:47:13] ERROR[4878][C-000027ac]: pbx.c:4293 ast_func_read: Function ENGINEERING_POST_RESULTS cannot be read

This is not the first time I have used func_odbc and i’ve never had problems before…

This is the section of dial plan that I am calling it with:

same => n,Set(${ENGINEERING_POST_RESULTS(${test_id},${results})}=)

And this is what I have in func_odbc:


writesql=INSERT INTO automated_test_result (test_id, results_string) VALUES (’${ARG1}’, ‘${ARG2}’)

I am running Asterisk 12.3.2 & I have also checked that the variables exist with a NoOp before the Set…

Any help would be highly appreciated! Thank you!