Unable to execute query ODBC_Func

Hi I am trying to use odbc_func in my dial plan but it looks like I am having some issues finaly excecuting the odbc_func app.

I have tested all the ODBC link all the way to asterisk which produces the following output when I issue the odbc show command

localhost*CLI> odbc show

ODBC DSN Settings

Name: asterisk
DSN: asterisk-connector
Last connection attempt: 1970-01-01 01:00:00
Pooled: No
Connected: Yes

The date is a bit off. Is this the first sign of a conectivity issue?

Second, when I call the dial plan entry and send some digits to odbc_func I get the following output

[Jul 19 19:38:35] ERROR[3323]: func_odbc.c:532 acf_odbc_read: Unable to execute query [SELECT A from test WHERE B = 1234]

Is this a common issue? What should I look for?

Many thanks for your comments

Got it.

It was the dsn name I was using in func_odbc.conf did not match the [name] in the heading of res_odbc.conf.

Too many config files to link together. Works well now though.