Fullname for endpoint into pjsip


my question seems so obvious that i thaught i’ll find quickly the replt, but no…

When using sip, under user.conf you have de fullname value that is used to display the name of the one calling you.

I’m now using pjsip and i’m unable to find a similar value.
When 103 calls 104, on 104 phone i’d like to see “John Doe” and not “103”

Any idea ? Sure i’m not the first one to have this question :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

The “callerid” option for an endpoint configures the callerid when calling. An example would be: Joshua Colp <1000>


Many thanks, i’ll try that !
I never seen it into samples i read.

By the way is that better to setup the name into the phone (usaually there is a field for that) or into “callerid” of pjsip ?


If you do it from a phone then a user can arbitrarily specify whatever they want. If done in PJSIP they can’t, only what you put is used.

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Many thanks for that reply.
This is a good thing to know.