FSK Caller ID Detection on FXO board


I have Digium FXO board and connected the analog line which support on FSK caller id.

Now, when call come on FXO channel there show the Uknown caller id.

For detecting FSK caller id what I have to set in chan_dhadi.conf ?

Thanks in advance.


You’ll need at least cidstart and cidsignalling set correctly. DTMF does not sufficiently specify the caller ID protocol.

You will need a card that supports the appropriate features.

The correct settings. and whether Asterisk supports it at all, will depend on you country, and possibly also your PTT and where in the country you are.


I am from India.

I have set the cidstart and cidsignalling as below and we have the provide of TATA and my provide support the FSK only.

cidsignalling = dtmf

After setting I have restart the dahdi also, but the caller id coming blank.

Can you please guide what I m still missing in chan_dahdi.conf.

Thanks in Advance.


Can you please provide a link to TATA’s equivalent of a BT Supplier Information Note for their caller ID feature, and also provide a trace of the battery states on the FXO line during an incoming call.