Front-end with specific features required

Hi all,

I’ve been looking at the various options of adding a front-end to our existing 1.2 * setup. It’s been working fine with a dual channel ISDN card, meetme and a custom “hotdesking” system that I put in place.

I’ve had a request to add scheduled redirects of incoming calls. In the past I would have modified the extensions.conf to work from a database, built a front-end and done the custom development to add this feature but these days my job role has changed and I’d like to give the business control over these schedules without spending the next few days coding.

Is there a front-end / asterisk based system that will let us do the above?

I’m happy to evaluate a few different options but looking on voip-info there seem to be lots that might suit and I’m not sure which to start.


Switchvox (commercial) is a good distro for offices without a big IT presence. End users can configure time-based call routes using a simple web GUI.

Druid is another user-friendly distro that offers this feature.