From SIP to PJSip

I hate to be the one asking dumb questions, but I was given only 3 weeks to have asterisk ready to replace our current system, I got all working from extensions, voicemail, send and receive faxes etc…, then I read chan_sip will be fading away and replaced by pjsip. But I cant find much documentation about pjsip. and the examples from asterisk use extensions to register phones, while the asterisk guide said to use mac addressses, I guess its really not relevant what we use…but im curious

Tks and this community is amazing

The Wiki is the place to go for information about PJSIP

Especially the Migrating from SIP to PJSIP page

Endpoint names can be anything you like, It’s best practice to not have them be the same as your extensions to make it harder to brute force them.

Thanks a lot…it was easier than I imagined!

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