Frequent High peer latency Between Media Gateway and Opensips(And Genesys OCS Servers) Server

We are frequently experiencing high peer latency (reaching above 5 seconds and as high as 20 seconds) between our Media Gateway and Opensips (as well as Genesys Servers). See attached screenshot. Call flow is from Genesys Servers to Opensips Server and to Media Gateway.

Restart of ASTERISK service does not resolve the issue. There has been many changes done on our Network connection (voice traffic has been removed from Firewall, voice traffic has been moved to a connection where there is no other traffic but voice) but to no avail.

At the moment our Network Team is seeing UDP errors in Grafana and they are suspecting that this is causing the problem.

  1. NoPorts - UDP Datagrams received on a port with no listener
  2. InErrors - UDP Datagrams that could not be delivered to an application

I currently don’t know if the UDP errors are caused by the high peer latency or if it causing the high peer latency.

I would appreciate any help and recommendations you can provide to investigate on this issue.

Thanks in advance.

What is the network topology, and, in particular, how do the media gateway and opensips relate to the machine running Asterisk? What is grafana (I guess it is some sort of network monitoring tool)?

Hi David551,

Opensips Server and Genesys OCS/SIP Servers are at the Data Center. The Media Gateways are in the sites. There is no Firewall between Data Center and the sites.

Yes Grafana is a monitoring tool for System Health and Network Performance.

Hi David551,

Call is initiated from Genesys Server then forwarded to Opensips Server which then forwards the call to the Media Gateways.

Here is a sample of the Grafana UDP errors.

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