FreePBX Application Module

Why i do not see and cannot find the CallerID Management under the application tab on FreePBX ?

What might be the reason?

Sorry, but this is not the FreePBX forum. With Asterisk you’d have to deal with this at a low level, but FreePBX allows to the CallerID properties and there is a phonebook. Since I am using FreePBX (currently only for looking at how they solved things, I can’t say much about the details when it comes to practical questions. The FreePBX forum is likely to be a better place to ask these questions.

yes I am sorry Ek. But I posted as because freepbx is an asterisk/sangoma product and might be our forum members here may also have been familiar with freepbx also!

Those forum members will be on the FreePBX forum too, but only for those things that really relate to Asterisk, of which this is definitely not one.

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