Free Trainings /Courses on Asterisk

Hello Community Members,

For a Newbie, What path one should follow to Learn Asterisk. Can you please guide for below point

  1. Asterisk Learning prerequisites
  2. Learning Path for Asterisk. Free Courses, Trainings available for someone starting fresh
  3. Requirements for setting up a Self Training Virtual Lab.
  4. Minimum Basic Telecom Hardware Requirements to begin with for a small lab.

Appreciate any Guidance in this Regards



  • Basic GNU/Linux system administration skills.
  • Telephones.

Install your preferred GNU/Linux distribution on an old PC, then install Asterisk on the PC using your distribution’s package manager eg. apt-get install asterisk on Debian GNU/Linux, then check out /etc/asterisk/ directory for configuration, then try to get some used SIP desk phones and/or SIP soft phones to connect to Asterisk and start making test calls.

I am not sure what is available in your area, but a couple of gently used SIP desk phones and an old x64 PC might be reasonably priced hardware options for you to consider.

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Thanks @penguinpbx for your response. I will take a look at your links.

Can you give me an example of a cheapest new SIP Desk Phones. I will use it as a reference to look for other models

A ‘new’ install of Linphone is pretty hard to beat price-wise.

Many years ago I picked up a bunch of used Polycom IP 500’s off Ebay for $20 a pop. Still my primary desk set.

I would rate a used ‘quality’ phone over a new ‘cheap’ phone for ‘survivability’ and access to repair parts.

Looking now, I see ‘lot’ prices for IP 500s and IP 550s for $5 to $10 each. I didn’t check to see if that includes power supplies – which are kind of important :slight_smile:

To add on what’s already been mentioned here are a few training videos that you might find useful. Note they are a couple of years old now, but most stuff will still apply:

Asterisk from scratch:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Advanced Dial Plans:

Also the Asterisk Definitive Guide is a good book for getting started:

I know you said free, but Sangoma offers some training courses to get you started if you decide to later go that route:

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