Free Reporting and Monitoring Tools


Are there any free Asterisk reporting tools?
We need several standart call center reports.

Number of calls by agent
Missing calls
Average call lenght by agent
Answered calls by queue
Total agents ACD time



As such i havent found any free tool therefore i have made my own in Microsoft Excel sheet. You just have to copy the CDR in one sheet of Excel and the second will be automatically populated and will display everything you need and require. Try it yourself or let me know if you need any assistance.

How can i try it? Is there a download link?

People taking back threads from 2010 yeah… all the information needed could be in the cdr and queue_log. Try to use queuemetrics that is a powerful tool for reports IIRC there was something called MangoAnalytics too.

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Asternic lite 1.5:

Ok…Asternic…cdr-viewer…queue-metrics…everyone knows them…
But Excel with graph and/or other things could be easiliy readable,printable and primarily customizable…
It could be a starting point to elaborate strange average non commonly took over…

So back to the 80’s, nostalgia is hitting you hard mate? :smiley:

I’m a 70’s boy…
The good old days…when future wasn’t so doubtdul…

get it from here (excel file), i made it a s simple as possible even then do let me know if you find some difficulty interpreting it.

Oh Sorry, i forgot to mention that the criteria used to calculate cells are specific to my environment, so you have to amend them a little to adopt to your needs.

I am developing one. Actually it is joined to Issabel bot working towards extract info directly from asterisk