Forwarding Across Intn'l Boundaries

My apologizes if these are dumb questions, I am trying to figure out if putting effort into learning more about Asterisk will be useful in our situation.

We have an office in Mexico and US based clients. We provide the clients a US phone number using VOIP that rings in the office. Unfortunately most of our sales people work outside the office most of the day & they have Mx cell phones. So they cannot call the client back until they return to the office several hours later or even the next day. :blush:

Is it possible to use Asterisk to forward an inbound VOIP call to the salespersons Mx cell phone?

Is it possible to reverse that and allow a call to our Mx office number (from our sales staff) to then be routed to a US number via VOIP?

Thanks for your help!

It is possible to route such calls through Asterisk, i.e. Asterisk remains completely in the circuit. Whether you can forward them, and the billling implications, depend on the source network.

Thanks for the input - now that I know its at least possible, I will spend some time studying Asterisk to figure out what can be done. 8)