Sip reload (CLI/bash)

Good afternoon!

Is it possible to make sip reload in Asterisk CLI just for one peer?
Because I have 1000+ peers but I would like to reconfigure just one of them

Scripts and non standard solutions are welcome too

There is no ability for chan_sip to reload a specific peer. It reads in the entire thing and applies it all.

Thanks, I’m using realtime peers located in pgsql. When I make sip reload, I’m needed to know status of specific peer, is it online or not?

In device’s (grandsteram) SIP preferences I turned on a special option, called like Register expire, to 1 min, but it doesn’t work for me and peer will be with no status about self when I’ll try sip show peer 444.

This peer will be update only if I’ll phone it or it phone anyone. Then if I’ll make sip show peer 444 I’ll see updated information. But it’s bad way for me.

I would like to monitor this peer when it’s online

My settings of realtime support path in sip.conf are:

The sip show peer CLI command provides a “load” argument at the end which will load the peer from the database and as you have rtcachefriends enabled then cache it.

I’m sorry, how can I cache them and where will they be cached?

The “rtcachefriends” option that you have enabled caches them in memory in chan_sip. They are only loaded initially, though, when they are actually used such as when the “sip show peer” CLI command is used with the “load” argument. And if it were changed you would then need to prune it using the appropriate CLI command (I do not recall what it is precisely) and do “sip show peer” again.

I understand, and more one question, can I somehow send notify to peer that it will be understood that needs send a query of registration to server?

There is no way in Asterisk to tell a device to register. A register tells Asterisk where to contact a device, so without knowing that information in the first place you wouldn’t be able to know where to send a message to tell them to register.