Force Outbound Calls To Start At A Specific Channel

I am configuring a small system that has an 8-channel (port) Digium card in it. Channel/port 8 is for a private incoming line. Channels/ports 1-4 are for the hunt group lines. I am trying to figure out how to make outbound calls start at channel/port 4 rather than channel/port 8 which is what is happening now. Inbound calls are working as they should, of course, since they come in on the four analog lines connected to the first four channels/ports. Thank you. I will continue to search the forum and google other online resources but have yet to come up with anything. Probably not wording my searches correctly.

NEVER MIND! Groups were wrong :cry:

But, actually, I would still like to have inbound calls go channels 1-4 and outbound calls go channels 4-1. Could one set up two groups with one group having channels => 1-4 and another having channels => 4-1. Probably wouldn’t work that way though would it. Could one set up each channel in a separate group and list them in reverse order in the dialplan for making outbound calls? Just thinking out loud…

In the Dial() command…

Dial(DAHDI/g1/5551212) will dial from group 1, searching for available channel from lowest channel towards highest
Dail(DAHDI/G1/5551212) will dial from group 1, searching for available channel from highest channel towards lowest

Thank you very much. That is what I was looking for. Figured it was probably something simple like that.