Force disconnect a PJSIP channel

On an Asterisk 13.

Using Lumenvox, occasionally the PJSIP channel will lockup while attempting to setup a speech channel.
When the channel locks up, the log shows:
Autodestruct on dialog ‘3613d4d00e84ad4716d7095b5bb2a028@’ with owner SIP/BBY-Dedicated-01-000000e9 in place (Method: BYE). Rescheduling destruction for 10000 ms
BUT, the message repeats every 6 sec. I’m assuming that resets the auto destruct timer and it never gets to 10 sec.
The Set(TIMEOUT(absolute)=300) does not work.
Using Hangup Request does not work.
Tried to use AMI to “Transfer” the call to a dialplan that kills the call, but an error gets returned saying the channel does not exist.
So far, only “core restart now” works to clear the stuck channels.
I could setup a CRON Job to run a PHP to check if there are stuck calls and restart if needed every night, but would rather detect the struck call and try to disconnect the channel ASAP.

Can a PJSIP notify be used to force send a BYE message? If so, how.

Upgrading, at this point, is not an option at this time.

TIA for any advise you can give.


That’s a chan_sip channel, not a PJSIP channel. If “channel request hangup” doesn’t work then you’d likely have to restart Asterisk as the channel is hung somewhere.

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