Forbidden Status on SIP client

Hi Guys,

Im new to this forum, and i need some helps regarding my AsteriskNow3.0 server, i keep encountering this forbidden(not registered) msg shows on my sip clients everytime i tried to connect on my asterisk box. I did recheck my u/p and its correct but when i removed the password to my 2 sip on the server, i was able to connect. Guys please give me some light on this issue!

I will surely appreciate all your feedback!


You are going to need to provide detailed logging (almost certainly full SIP debugging level - verbose 5, debug 5 and sip set debug on, with appropriate adjustments of logger.conf), the general and specific sections from sip.conf, and possibly from users.conf, and the configuration from the device that is trying to register. The information may be spread across multiple included files. Any templates used need to be included, as well.

Reports that valid credentials are being rejected are generally not very useful, because valid credentials don’t get rejected.