For adding more than 1000 stations,asterisk take long time!

I am working on project which 3 different things simultaneously,
java program, mysql database, asterisk1.6.2.6.
From java program i select how many stations should add in asterisk, by calling command i add values in 3 different files

  1. extensions.conf

Now when 90 stations add, it take on 26-30 sec, when 900 station add it take 16-20min,
& when 9000 stations add it takes 6-7hours!

Can we decrease this time of adding values in these 3 files?
What is maximum limit of asterisk, how much stations i can add?
What is minimum time for maximum no of stations to adding in these 3 files?

Try extenpatternmatchnew=yes in extensions.conf


Thanks malcolmd,
In extensions.conf containing
But it helps for 900 stations
when answer ‘no’ then it takes to save 16-20 min
when answer ‘yes’ then it takes 8 min.
But problem is for 9000 & more stations?

Then you’ve got other problems. Plenty of people run tens of thousands of dialplan entries with no problems.

Ok, now i am checking how much time take for 9000 stations with ‘yes’…
Its almost 42% less time for 900 stations.Lets hope it work for 9000 stations also.
Is there any limit for adding station? is there any standard xx minutes or hour time for adding xxxx stations?
One more thing to know that as ‘working of dial plan’ & due to that work time consume is less or we can make it less, but when first time adding new entry in 3 conf files via asteriskjava.jar is my point of view.
Now less than 30 sec for adding 90 stations entries in these 3 conf files & we can see successfully in console by command ‘sip show peers’.

I found few things:
discussing about "One big file or several small?"
But as per there point of view, if we adding more than particular number of stations in dial plan in extensions.conf then we put in different files in less number of stations dial plan & just import those files in main extensions.conf. eg.
If i want to add 90,000 stations in extensions.conf then i break each 10000 stations in different files so i just need to add 9 files in extensions.conf as import! or something like this…
Is this true? or i understood something wrong?
By doing this can my time for ‘adding stations in extensions.conf, sip.conf, queues.conf’ reduce?
For doing this asteriskjava.jar API supports so just changing in my code i can do it?
Now i need help for clear view!

I complete testing adding 9000 stations in extensions.conf, sip.conf, queues.conf
extenpatternmatchnew=yes 392.25minutes
extenpatternmatchnew=no 401.32minutes

So difference is very less. So Question arises about ‘extenpatternmatchnew = yes’ !