Opensips or kamailio for adding N no of context dialplans!

I asked questions regarding reduce time consumption of process of ‘Any time Large number of context adding in Dial plan’
That Large number start from 9000 or more.
says i am adding 9000 or more lines in extensions.conf as per syntax.

This is happens due to calling functions of ‘asterisk-java-1.0.0.M3.jar’ in for loop in my java program.
When number is small like below 5000 then in very less time registration or adding stations in dial plan is occurs. But problem for large number of station.
So i got answer from this link
Opensips or Kamailio is solution for this type of question…
But still i am confuse about it…Currently i am reading about both open source projects so might be confusion get solve. But…
I need experts guidance about it.

I don’t see how a proxy helps with that problem.

Normally you would not need to add entries to extensions.conf, but rather to sip.conf, etc., or users.conf. Even if you follow best practice, for SIP, and use non-guessable device names, a database lookup could be used to fill in the device address when the rest of the code uses wild cards.

I think this is a case where you need to describe the overall goal, rather than the step in your proposed solution.

Also, please note that Asterisk General is a discussion forum, not a support one.

Thanks david55,


I thought i am facing problem due to very basic mistake.
should i post for detail discussion about my query/problem in support section of this forum?