Flash Operator Panel

I forgot password for FOP can you send me how can i break it or i can enter it, its very important to check flash Operator panel.

do you mean the FOP-specific password for transfers etc ? or you have http-auth on the webpage ?

if the first, edit /var/www/html/panel/op_server.cfg (on my system anyway !) and look for “security_code”.

No just simple username and password asked by panel, I just forget that password and want to login into FOP,
I didn’t find any information in that file to check that Password.

there is no username that i’m aware of asked of “by the panel” … you must have set some http-auth on the directory.

is this FOP installation part of a “bigger” install such as TrixBox or A@H ?

edit : having just seen your other thread, you’re using FreePBX, so it probably is. there’s usually an app that allows you to reset the password, something like passwd-www ??