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Hello everybody,

hope u guys are doing fine.
Just out of curiosity, i’ve got a question about terms and concept.

let’s say that an user have one sip phone in the office, one sip phone at home and a personal mobile phone.

What I want:
if someone calls him and he doesn’t answer the office phone, the call must be redirected to his home office and if he doesn’t answer this one the call goes to his mobile phone.

it seems to me that i should use call forwarding, but in this case, the user doesn’t want to dial any particular number or use forward from the sip phone settings.

Is that possible?

I’m sure that the caller will need to wait 45 seconds in a worst case scenario, but the user doesnt care.


Yes it’s possible, you have to configure with in your extension.conf using the priorities.

Ex : The user have extension 200 at his office,

enten => 200,1,Dial(SIP/200,30)
(30 means try 30 sec then pass to the next priorities
exten => 200,2,Dial(SIP/201,30)
(In this exemple, the phone at his home office has the extension 201)

That it.