File convert not working

hello, i was trying to use the CLI command "file convert " … to convert a file from .wav to .g729 and .g722 .

but the cli replies with the following message -

CLI> file convert research/xyz.wav research/xyz.g722
Failed to convert research/xyz.wav to research/xyz.g722!
[Dec 7 13:14:29] WARNING[7164]: translate.c:288 ast_translator_build_path: No translator path from unknown to unknown
[Dec 7 13:14:29] WARNING[7164]: file.c:199 ast_writestream: Unable to translate to format g722, source format slin

can anybody explain what it means. what should i do to convert to these two file formats?

please help.


AFAIK Asterisk only supports G722 in passthrough mode, It cannot transcode to or from it. There was a patch about for it. May be worth googling for it


thanx ian… :smile:… what about g729?

Have you got a licence ?


I dont have one right now. I was not aware of the required license… do i need one to use in asterisk? If need I will get one for sure. is it possible after i get the license?