How do I convert WAV to G729?

Digium have an online audio file converter ( … verter.php) that converts any sound file to G729. I have a need to convert from WAV to G729 in my own application to avoid having to transcode to G729 when playing the file back during an automated outgoing call.

Does anyone know of a utility (Windows/unix) that convertsany audio file to G729 format?


I don’t really understand why you wont use digium’s online converter :unamused:

You can also use this online tool ->

Or this freeware ->

Unfortunately “sox”, which I find very useful for conversions, doesn’t support g729

We need the ability to convert within our own applications. You know I looked at germanixsoft converter and there is no mention of g729 anywhere on their site or plugin list. Any ideas?

G729 comes as addin -> … ils&gid=11 for GX::Transcoder v2.24

Actually I found a better way. I downloaded the “convert” module for asterisk and this works great. Just have to run convert infile outfile at the CLI.

Can you provide the link to the “convert” module for Asterisk? I’d like to get it also.