I was asked to look into some IP PBX software. I was looking at features I could use the present to my coworkers and was hopping someone could fill in the blanks:

I need to know if the following features are present in Asterisk. I might have over looked some of this info as I’m I’m an Intern and trying to learn as I look up these features. A lot of these features are based off of listed Microsoft OCS 2007 features, but others were added from other product features.

Multiple line appearance - allowing people to join in on an established call - I think yes based on what I’ve read
Multiple terminal access - logging into multiple stations at a time and being able to answer a call from any of those
Automated bandwidth selection - encoding
Group Instant messaging
Peer-to-peer - direct communication to another stations
Voice and video -
File transfer
Chat Rooms
Web conferencing
Multiparty collaboration / Conference rooms
Application sharing
Desktop sharing
Audio conferencing
Voice media on Softphone (and does any one know what this means?)
Team call
Hunt Groups / Single-number reach
Interactive Voice Response
Call in/call out (DISA)