Clarification on Feature Set

Hi all.

We currently have an AT&T Meridian 8 line key based phone system. After searching for quite a while for a new VOIP system we have found that most of them do not meet our needs. I read through the feature list but since I don’t speak the vocabulary very well I was wondering if someone could help point me in the right direction. Here are the features we need.

  1. NO autoattendant. We want a live person to answer the phone on the first ring.
  2. The ability to page someone on their speakerphone even if they are on the receiver (“Preannounce call”). Also do not want to use overhead paging to pull this off - just oage the speakerphone of the extention.
  3. The ability to answer any call from any extention. So if I put line 1 on hold in one office I want to pick it up in another office without having to park and unpark calls.

Does Astericks do all of these things? Do we need any plugins to do it?

If this is in the wrong forum I appologize. Please let me know where to move the thread if I need to