Feature request - smart xfer


we have unattended xfer and attended xfer, why not the best of both together?
this is how it works:
press xfer key, dial number

  • putdown handset before other party picks up => call will be connected right through
  • wait for other party to pick up and announce the call, then hangup => call is transferred
  • wait for other party to pick up. Other party hangs up first => you are talking to the original caller again
  • special case: hangup immediately but other party does not answer=> call comes back and rings your phone after a short timeout

Many small (1 trunk, 4 stations) PBX do that, and it is hard to convince a shop owner that his new asterisk wont do that

I am currently trying to do that with dialplan, agi, manager functions for the special case of phones without buttons…


is there a way to take control, in the dialplan, when one party hangs up?

In the cases above, calling the other party with g option brings the call back (you are still on the phone) with Bridge() application.
So I am looking for a way where either dialplan continues after caller hangs up, or where callee can perform actions before hangup.
Calling again via a manager that monitors the events would be possible but makes no sense: when caller hangs up, callee is hung up by the pbx but still on the phone, so the call will report circuit busy