Fax T.38 Setup with Asterisk


Can anyone help me out, how to setup Fax T.38 with Asterisk for sending/receiving FAX through Analog board.

What need to install and which Asterisk version I have to use for that.

Thanks in adavance


I don’t understand what your trying to do.

Fax T.38 is an ITU standard for sending FAX accross IP networks in a real-time mode. So T.38 wouldn’t go through an analog board.


Thats I want to know. How can I setup the FAX in Asterisk 1.6. I checked that Asterisk 1.6 not come with preloaded fax module. How can I add FAX module in my existing asterisk 1.6 setup.



You can check out all the information (allong with the installation guide) for Digium’s Free Fax for Asterisk in this page:

store.digium.com/productview.php … =804-00007

I believe the Digium product is only free for some definition of small scale use.

1 certainly should fit the definition of small scale use. :smile: Anyone can get a Free Fax for Asterisk license. You pay if you want more.

Free Fax For Asterisk is provided, one per installation of Asterisk, to users without charge and without support. Support is only provided to customers of the standard Fax For Asterisk product. To receive your channel of Free Fax For Asterisk, simply add it to your cart from the Digium store and check out – no payment is necessary. After Digium processes your request, you will receive an e-mail containing installation instructions. Follow the Fax For Asterisk installation instructions to register your free channel. Registration of your key locks the license key to the server on which it was registered. Please refer to the Fax For Asterisk manual for instructions.[/quote]

How many concurrent fax will be through with free license


Great, its working. I have added the faxes in queue and manage it that way. In a day we tested around the 300 faxes and its working…

Enjoy Asterisk really its a connect the world any where any time.