Asterisk 11.6 and T.38 support

I have read a lot of doc, but it is not clear for me.

I would like to use the asterisk with T.38.
I have:

ISDN <> T.38 GATEWAY <> IP network <> Asterisk<>(SIP clients, IP network)

I would like to receive fax with Asterisk using T.38 and next send it by mail somewhere…
I would like to send fax using Asterisk with T.38 through T.38 Gateway.

My question is: do I have to get T.38 Digium fax license? Or does the Asterisk support that implementation by native ?

Best regards.

If you want to decode T.38, you need to either licence the Digium fax module or use a third party one. The Digium licence is free if there is only one fax call at a time.

Thank You for reply.
Best regards.