FAX over Asterisk

I am (still) trying to get FAX to work. I am using SIP protocol and the NVFaxDetect operation. I kno wthat the SIP service transmits fax codes and I am using alaw/ulaw.

I am currently stuck on:

2006-10-23 12:51:54 NOTICE[31513]: Redirecting SIP/gw02.uk.sipgate.net-408af0a0 to fax extension
2006-10-23 12:51:54 WARNING[31513]: Context
2006-10-23 12:51:54 WARNING[31513]: Fax detected, but no fax extension

As far as i can tell there is a fax extension, and the setup is very similar to the example in the documentation.

Where do I look next?

==John ff


Similar to what documentaion?

and as far as you can tell you have a fax extension, perhaps if we could see the code we may also be able to see if you have one ?

what shows up in show dialplan with respect to fax => ?


Documentation in description of NVFaxDetect

Dialplan sections where FAX is mentioned

[ Context ‘vfax’ created by ‘pbx_config’ ]
‘300’ => 1. ringing()
2. wait(3)
3. Answer()
4. AbsoluteTimeout(35)
5. SetVar(FAXFILE=/var/spool/asterisk/fax/${UNIQUEID}.tif)
6. rxfax(${FAXFILE}|debug)
‘T’ => 1. Hangup()
‘h’ => 1. system(echo Fax from ${CALLERIDNUM} in ${FAXFILE} | /usr/bin/mail -s incoming-Fax jpff)
‘s’ => 1.SetVar(FAXFILE=/var/spool/asterisk/fax/${UNIQUEID}.tif)
2. rxfax(${FAXFILE}|debug)

[ Context ‘incoming’ created by ‘pbx_config’ ]
‘7625624’ =>1. Wait(3)
2. Answer()
3. Playtones(ring)
4. NVFaxDetect(10|dt)
5. StopPlaytones()
6. Playback(codemist_ltd)
7. Playback(noFax)
8. Hangup()
‘fax’ => 1. goto(vfax|s|1)
2. Hangup()
‘s’ => 1. Wait(3)
2. Answer()
3. NVBackgroundDetect(codemist_ltd)
4. Dial(SIP/jpff-phone&SIP/lap-phone&SIP/aff-phone|20|tr)
5. VoiceMail(u9999)
6. Hangup()
105. VoiceMail(b9999)
106. Hangup()

Calls are from Sipgate.co.uk and the fax line is 7625624

System is Debian, asterisk from apt-get with NV plugins