Fax by extension number bounty?

ok I have read it is possible to recieve faxes by having asterisk listen for a tone and routing it to an extension… My question… is it possible to have a user dial an extension first and then send fax and route it to an email associated with the extension number?

Hardware is best for incomming lines, however is it ok to use IAX or SIP?
Anyone willing to se this up for a bounty?


I can do that for you. Please PM me so we can work out the details.


Been busy the last few days, But I do have this feature on systems I deploy. all the info is stored in the internal database and requires spandsp to be installed.

If interested please email or call via my site

If it’s the caller that will be dialing the extension, I’m not sure you need any custom programming to get this done.

Have them call, dial an extension that uses rxfax to write to disk, and press start on their fax machine. When rxfax returns, mail the file to an appropriate email address.

I’m sure I’ve oversimplified this and must be missing something fundamental. Please elaborate on exactly what you’re looking for.