FastAGI GET VARIABLE SHELL() returns garbage data?

I am very new to Asterisk programming, I am working on a FastAGI IVR program, every thing works great. Thank Asterisk Team for so wonderful open source VoIP platform!

Just one little thing, when I call some think like: GET VARIABLE SHELL(“echo -n hello”), noticed some unreadable chars prior the ‘hello’, the full response is:

32 30 30 20 72 65 73 75 6C 74 3D 31 20 28 98 ED AD B6 B8 C8 19 68 65 6C 6C 6F 29 0A
200 result=1 (˜í­¶¸È.hello).

I could not find out where the ‘98 ED AD B6 B8 C8 19’ came from, how can I disable this?

Thanks in advance.

No one experiences same issue?

I found the bug, I will try to check in the patch once I got right to or I will post the patch here.

Do not post the patch here as it will be ignored, because it won’t be associated with the correct licence grant to Digium.

Thank you, I am trying to go the official way.



Patches posted as comments on bug reports will also be ignored; you need to complete the electronic licence grant first, then attach the patch, with the code or documentation box ticked. A link to the licence grant form will appear at the top of the page, if you haven’t already had one accepted. The attachment with the patch will not appear until the form is accepted by Digium’s management.

Thank you very much David!
Looks like to a free contribution is not an easy job:)