Fast busy signal on some inbound calls


We seem to have a problem where some calls in get a fast busy signal. We have a voip provider with 10 channels.

I could see how this might be congestion on some calls, however yesterday we had at most 4 active channels at any 1 time and when we called in from a cell phone we got the fast busy signal.

I’m not sure if its asterisk or the sip provider. asterisk logs don’t show any missed/dropped calls, and when I watch the console I don’t see any problems showing up even when I know that is happening at that exact time.

Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing? I’ve checked all over, and talked to their tech support but any suggestions they’ve given don’t seem to solve this.

Any input is appreciated.


Just wanted to let you know I think I solved this problem. I don’t think it has to do with Asterisk or our SIP trunk provider. It has to do with the other carrier (telus). I’ll let you know for sure in a month or 2 because the one person experiencing this problem is moving and dropping telus.

We’ve also experienced this with some cell calls inbound and in those cases it was also carrier issues - congestion on Bell’s network.